We first affirm

The Playful and Headless Beast of the Cosmos

who is the chaos of a free world, a world which produces nothing but cataclysms*


the Other, in Exile

who finds strength in the headless beast; whereas Man finds strength in its own head

This affirmation is for the establishment of communion* between the conditio n of all joyous living.

Exile is this condition.

Exile has no mother country, no hereditary rights, no privileges.

In Exile, the Other finds itself confronted with the inability to acquire its becoming alone.

In Exile, the Other finds the antithesis of the country is friendship, the antithesis of rights and privilege is cooperation.

Here, we then affirm the power of community

which is the unspoken pact which arises between individuals and which is the basis for a freed living.

We affirm the Potential of Life

Not as a totality frozen in time, but as a self-consumptive burning.

Joy in the face of death is this burning.

And we affirm The Power of Potential and the Necessity of Violence