Homebrewing Hormones (MTF), Guide

This is a reproduction of this reddit post, reproduced for posterity.

Hi, I'm a trans girl and I started making my "own" hormones some months ago, It all started with me trying to save some money, and it really helped me a lot in that regard, nowadays my entire HRT regimen (Dutasteride, Estradiol, Progesterone, medroxiprogesterone and Testosterone for ED) is homemade. so I would recommend anyone to try at least once, because it's much cheaper than buying on drugstores (and even cheaper than buying from Lena or from me, really each 10ml vial cost something closer to 3 Dollars)  Every ingredient  can be bought from Amazon. (except the raw powder that you can find on Alibaba, most suppliers there are trustable don't worry, but if you want I can give some recommendations) What you'll need Oil injections:  -Benzyl benzoate -Benzyl alcohool -Raw powder -Carrier oil Aqueous suspension: -Distilled water -Benzyl alcohool -Soy lecitin -Sodium Sulfate anhydrous -Polyethylene glycol 4000 -raw powder Materials: - .45 needles (for retaining bigger particles, filters are not really necessary)

  • Beaker
  • 10ml vials
  • glass stick (for mixing it, you can use a spoon, but glass is preferred)
  • vial crimper (optional you can crimp with a knife) -Ethanol (for sterilizing the materials beforehand) Recipe for Estradiol 100ml, 40mg/ml:  This works with any E ester (Cypionate, Valerate etc).
  • Estradiol Valerate - 4000mg
  • Benzyl benzoate (Solvent) - 44%
  • Benzyl alcohol - 2% (if you pretend to store for a really long time 4 years+, I personally recommend 4% just to be sure)
  • Carrier Oil (any oil can be used, but I recommend MCT or at least Safflower Oil) - 50.38 ml  Recipe for Progesterone 100 50mg/ml Because BB is used for solving Esterified components, it isn't used for pure progesterone, instead I use a higher dose of BA.
  • Progesterone - 5000mg
  • Benzyl Alcohool - 10%
  • Carrier Oil - 85.52ml Recipe for Aqueous Suspension 100ml I use Aqueous suspension for Medroxiprogesterone acetate, but the same can be used for Estradiol, progesterone(you can, but it hurts like hell, hormones without ester will always hurt) if you have some problems with oil injections (if you're brave enough, you could even try dutasteride injections with it)
  • Distilled water - 100ml
  • Soy lecitin - 2% (this one was a find of mine, most other recipes for aqueous suspension asks for Polissorbate 80 which is really hard to find over here, but soy lecitin is cheap and works really nice)
  • Benzyl Alcohool 2% (this one if you put more, or less, the suspension won't work)
  • Sodium Sulfate anhydrous - 3g (30mg/ml)
  • Polyethylene glycol 4000 - 4g (40mg/ml) If you can't find Pg4000, 3350, or other above 3000 they work the same.  How to Make them The procces is fairly simple,
  • Oil just mix it all in Beaker (or any Glassware you have) and give it a water bath for 15~30 minutes, when you finish it just put in some flask and to sterelize you can take to the oven for 30 minutes at 230º  (it's overkill, if you store the powder in a safe space and clean everything, just heating in a water bath would kill most bacteria)
  • Aqueous Suspension put everything in a beaker, (except the hormone powder), heat it in a water bath, until the lecitin is mostly dissolved (part of the lecitin will be floating over the water and won't dissolve, that is normal, and you won't be using that), take all the water and put in a flask with the hormones of your choice, mix it and if you want to sterelize it you can use a pressure cooker for 5 minutes after getting pressurized (Otherwise the flask can break because of internal pression)  That's all, Thank you for you time, I hope with this info, more people will start to make their own hormones,  if someone has any questions I will gladly answer them. Here just an image of my HRT: https://imgur.com/a/kmRenqD