Opportunists and Vampires

The Great Ideologies of the past continue to repurpose you for their great games.

Both modern and historical “revolutionaries” are eager to tell stories of a life full of “Brotherhood” and “Community” and love all around. What they don’t tell you, either through deceit or a failure to understand how the organizations they’ve built, offering liberation through organization, through community quickly becomes the hand around their throats. “Community” becomes “the Good of the Nation” and again, what once was Activity has now become Work. The extraction continues under a new goal. A new ideology to make work sacred to you.

What was once the “self-organization” of the exiled quickly builds its own fantasy. Its own myths. It’s own ideology. Baked into their very structure.

The unions, emerging from a now dead associationism from the productivist centers of power. The camaraderie of working on the floor of the steel mill together. Of working side by side, protecting your fellow worker. Organizing to demand safety, Time Off, Higher Wages. Moving to direct Sabotage against the bosses and against our own lives… These forms not only pushed capitalists to give up small bits of profit to those demanding them, but also forced capital to restructure. To change its engagement with the working class. Belief in Crisis used to be the foundation of resistance. That with each crisis we’d get a step further, we’d find a place to act. A place to fight back. The world runs on crises now. There is no big crisis to wait for. The big crisis can never come as we are shuffled around, our lives are constantly restructured, and the power above us is constantly shifting. A lovecraftian monster. No one knows where to strike, because no one can comprehend enough to strike.

The union now wishes to expand itself. Increase its membership. Being careful to keep its workers in line. Keep the revolutionary rhetoric down. At first promising that once membership has increased, once they’ve expanded across entire nations, only then would the time to strike be found.

So too the old marxist parties find themselves. Dead in the water. And somehow even less connected. Yet as intoxicating as ever. Holding true to its beliefs that we just haven’t waited long enough, that the real crisis is still on the horizon. That history truly is progressing to the liberation of all of us...

Most get nowhere near this far though. Vampires extract from us always in the present state of things, but before we get anywhere near enough momentum to overturn these affairs, stand the opportunists, ready to sell out the whole of us for a little more power, a little more control. These Bureaucrats-To-Be ask of us, not to determine our own freedom, not to determine our own wants, our own needs, but to beg the Vampires to bleed us a little slower. They tell us Vampires can be convinced, at some point, to stop being Vampires entirely. And when movements march forward, they are eager to stand at the head of them, eager to accept whatever “deal” is presented to us through them. To return to us some modicum of our blood and sweat and tears in the form of easily breakable promises from the Vampires.

These Opportunists tell us, “Keep our feet on the ground” “Let’s be pragmatic about it”. Chastising us for demanding “too much” for The System to bear. As if the system ever cared about what you could bear! The “Average Workday” a third of each day, taken from you, flattening you, crushing you into nothing, extracting from you every drop of value you can produce, for as little as they can give you. For the “least” of us, it’s backbreaking labor in the melting heat or splintering cold. For the average “service” worker, it’s hours of standing in one spot, smiling, cooking, moving inventory. As much as possible. Again and again. Forever.

Promises of The Society of Tomorrow by vampires and opportunists, keep us bound to our own extraction for another day.

What has this extraction done for you?

Let you live under shelters, where some landlord extracts from you?

Buy food, continuing the extraction of others?

Perhaps maybe you can get a few luxuries? A bit of recreation?

One third of the day for sleeping, one third of the day taken by vampires, one third of the day they promise is for you, but you know. You’ve been there. We all have.

Vampires take many forms.

You sleep so they can extract from you tomorrow

You let them extract from you so you can sleep so they can extract from you tomorrow.

What hell have we built that every moment is built around someone’s extraction and preparation for extraction.