Relevant Writings

Modern Anarchism

The Invisible Committee

The Coming Insurrection

To Our Friends


Alfredo M Bonanno

Insurrectionalist Anarchism

Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy The Economy

Locked Up


L'Autonomia Post-Political Politics

Mario Tronti

Workers and Capital

The Strategy of Refusal


This Is Not A Program

Theory of Bloom


Revolutionary Politics and History

The Civil War In France

Analysis of Capital’s Logic

Wage Labour and Capital

Value, Price and Profit

Capital Vol 1

Capital Vol 2

Capital Vol 3

Carlo Cafiero, one of the first Anarchist Communists along with Errico Malatesta wrote a summary of Karl Marx's Capital, praised by Karl Marx himself

Capital Summary

What is Marxist-Communism?

Critique of the Gotha Programme